Désha Stewart is an animation director and storyteller, with a background in teaching. She recieved her BFA in Character and Experimental Animation from the College for Creative Studies, in Detroit. Her work has been featured in many film festivals around the globe including Annecy and Hiroshima. She recieved a "Best of Show" award from the Michigan Film and Video Festival, and has been working in the television and gaming industry since 2012.


First and foremost, I am primarily a storyteller. My prefered medium is animation, though overall I do not commit to just one medium in specific. Instead, I build enthralling worlds and characters and choose the mediums most suitable for conveying their stories. Be it games, animation, comics, or film, I am passionate about telling great story in every project I pursue.

Art is a powerful way to communicate not only a story, but human psychology itself. I have always been fascinated by how differently people respond in a given situation. How their surroundings, past, and present define their current actions and emotions. I make art because I enjoy developing characters, giving those characters desires and dispositions and watching them interact with one another. I take great pleasure in the challenge of putting characters in absurd circumstances, and striving to make them believable. I employ a very simplistic and expressionistic style to invoke a wide range of emotions in my audience.


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